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Below you can find answers on most frequently asked questions about Ventsys trickle vents and Ventilation

You feel tired and unrested, you frequently experience headaches, you see mold near the window, and condensation forms there. There are many factors that indicate that the ventilation is not working. As a result, a toxic environment has formed, which significantly affects a person’s health.

Ventsys fits almost all windows, including those that are already installed. They are equipped with filters, so no dust or other harmful substances get inside your living rooms. As well there is no milling or drilling involved so your window frames aren’t damaged.

Yes, with the filter, which is easily accessible and replaceable.

No, other chemical elements are also released from furniture, household chemicals, and so on. If there isn’t a proper ventilation in living rooms it causes huge negative impact on health.

No, there is no drilling or milling involved, so your windows won’t be damaged.