Is ventilation working at your home?

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How to determine that the ventilation is not working in your home?

A vital component of maintaining clean air and our health in the living areas of your house is proper ventilation. The bulk of multi-apartment buildings built before 1993 are multi-story residential structures with natural ventilation as their design principle, as was discussed in our earlier blog post. We would like to stress that poor or nonexistent natural ventilation can result in a number of problems. It is crucial to consider some criteria in order to spot ventilation performance issues.

Deterioration of air quality:


A stale or disagreeable smell is one of the most important indicators of ventilation problems in a house that people frequently unwittingly ignore, especially when it comes to fresh air intake. Maybe you’ve also gone to see friends and as you walk into their houses, there’s a bad smell or something heavy in the air. This signal means that your friends’ ventilation isn’t functioning and that they’ve become used to the bad air in their house.


Naturally, a lot of people would consider it to be a minor inconvenience, so people might grow accustomed to stale air without experiencing any harmful consequences.


In such a situation, the odor is not the most negative factor, but rather the increased concentration of CO2 and other chemical substances that occur in your home when air circulation is interrupted. I will further discuss the decrease in oxygen and the impact of CO2 in the blog post.

A crucial question is this: when do people consciously recognize that their home’s poor air quality indicates that the ventilation system isn’t operating properly? The buildup of moisture is one of the most obvious “signs,” which is easier to see than feel. When condensation collects on windows.

A high humidity level in the house makes it the perfect environment for the growth of mold, or mildew. People who breathe in the spores released by mold in the home may eventually develop a variety of respiratory ailments. Mold is frequently initially noticed at window sills, which is close to where you see condensation. When facing such a problem, it is essential to understand its significance and start looking for a solution.


Well-being and health:

The most important factor is our health and well-being. Without a doubt, inadequate ventilation at home lowers the amount of oxygen available to us and, as was already noted, raises the concentration of CO2 we exhale, both of which are harmful to our health.

The aforementioned issues may first appear as relatively insignificant subtleties. Initially, it could be just one sleepless night, which results in a demanding day. But over time, it could result in major problems.


We get headaches more often, find it harder to do formerly easy tasks, and start to feel as though our cognitive abilities are declining. Respiratory issues can eventually arise from prolonged exposure to several chemicals in our air, including perhaps mold spores. Sadly, these are only a handful of the health hazards that come with residing in areas with contaminated air.

While we feel happy and productive in well-ventilated areas, we regrettably feel exhausted and less productive in poorly ventilated spaces.


I think that instead of adding unnecessary complexity to our daily lives, we all want our houses to be places where we can unwind and rejuvenate.




In addition to producing stale air, malfunctioning ventilation also has numerous additional detrimental effects on our day-to-day existence. For this same reason, Ventsys manufactures and provides trickle vents to guarantee that your home’s natural ventilation system can run continually.

We have made sure that installation is simple and that the previously listed issues may be resolved with few out-of-pocket expenses. Fresh air will constantly flow into your home, but it will also pass through our M5 class filter before it does, protecting your living areas from dust, pollen, and other contaminants.


This is conceivably the greatest way to prevent damage to the window frames during installation and to the house’s appearance. Please feel free to call us at the number shown in the Ventsys website’s contact area if you have any additional questions about ventilation or would want to find out more information or if your home’s ventilation system is operating properly.

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