Sleep quality  – How to improve it and what effects it?

Sleep quality how to imrpove it? Ventsys trickle vents can help

Sleep quality – How to improve it and what effects it?

Everyone’s emotions and general well-being depend on getting enough good sleep. It is crucial to take into account a number of things, from the right bed arrangement to the quality of the air in your home, to ensure restful, deep sleep.

One of the most crucial things is setting up the ideal bedroom, which includes selecting a mattress and pillow that are suitable for your back’s requirements. These days, using ergonomic pillows is also highly advised because they may conform to the proper shape of the head and help promote a lengthy and comfortable sleep. The amount of fresh air in the bedroom is another important component that affects the quality of sleep. Regular room ventilation and continuous ventilation system operation are required to guarantee adequate air circulation. Regretfully, though, depending just on opening window and close it after few minutes might not be enough. Ventilating the room every thirty minutes would be essential to maintain the quality of the air in the room, which is not achievable while you are sleeping.


The quality of the air in your home directly affects how well you sleep. In addition to affecting sleep quality, indoor air pollutants such as dust, allergens, and chemicals emitted from furniture and home goods can have an effect on general health. Good ventilation is essential to lowering these elements, as is routine cleaning of the living area.


Proper illumination is another crucial component that influences the circadian rhythm. The light in the bedroom must be controlled using curtains or blinds to create a peaceful, dark atmosphere that encourages quicker fall asleep and deeper sleep.


Unfortunately, using a phone or other electronic devices right before bedtime also affects the quality of sleep and how quickly a person will be able to fall asleep. It is recommended to avoid bright screen light at least an hour before the planned bedtime, as it helps to maintain the natural sleep cycle.

As a result, it is concluded that to ensure favorable sleep, it is necessary to take into account all the mentioned aspects, including bed arrangement, air quality, lighting, and the use of electronic devices. By paying attention to these factors, you can create an optimal environment that promotes healthy and rejuvenating sleep.


Ventsys will also be able to assist you partially – our window vents may not be suitable for use as pillows, but they can ensure controlled and purified fresh air flow in your home. By installing Ventsys in each room, they can provide continuous operation of the natural ventilation cycle, provided that the building’s exhaust ducts are not blocked and they operate as intended for buildings with the principles of natural ventilation.

For more information about Ventsys, feel free to contact our support team – they will be happy to provide further details!

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